Monthly Archives: April 2018

Me, Myself, and Us

If people always worry about “I”, there can never be a “we”. If people only think about “us”, there can never be a “me”. People need to deeply belong to one another and also be uniquely loved for who they are. If you love yourself, you’ll never know the love of another. If you only know yourself as another, you’ll never know who you are. Love is mastering being one and many at the same time. ❤️, Jamry

Feeling Unattended

How many people feel unattended to. No one notices them, no one sees them. No one drops by to say “HI!”, no one swings by with a gift. Day in, day out, repeat. No one gives any credit, no one sees your sacrifices. No one really cares. Good news, there are some people who care. They are few and far between. When you find one, hang on to them for dear life!  ❤️, Jamry


We need to be open and real about what is going on. We need to be wide open with what is not going right. Being ignored and going with the flow are not options. If your relationship needs are not met, say something. You can be confident and strong without being rude. You can be gracious even while standing your ground. Talk about how your needs are not being met! ❤️, Jamry