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A Better Story

A Quaker, Dr. Thomas Story Kirkbridge took over the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane and he popularized what became later known as “Moral Treatment”. He had compassion and respect for the insane. He believed rich or poor patients needed a human and dignified environment. He believed patients could be cured. He did not think they were doomed to their current existence. He even married one of his cured patients. This is definitely a bright spot.❤️, Jamry

Philadelphia Rush

Benjamin Rush is the Father of American Psychiatry, a Founding Father of the United States, and signer of the Declaration of Independence. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he came up with the idea of treating patients humanely… or so you would be persuaded. He was the first person to believe that mental illness is a disease in your mind and not a “possession by demons”. He taught that insanity was due to inflammation of the brain and that controlling blood flow would correct this. He created contraptions to attach to the patient to accomplish this. It cured no one. He believed strongly in bleeding and purging of patients. That didn’t help anyone either. “His care was ineffective and horrific”, that is out of the mouth of UPenn itself. He would chain patients in unheated cells in the basement. The one good thing he did is he forced townspeople to stop coming to the insane asylum to watch the patients as a form of entertainment. That is what they use to do in England, which is where we get the word “Bedlam”… The rich would watch the insane like a circus show… really nice people. ❤️, Jamry

What Freud Got Right

What Freud really nailed on the head… when he is speaking of the “id” we are born with and the “Oedipus Complex”… is that we are all born with this primal, base state of being… We are all born flawed and have inordinate desires that need tamed by the “ego” and the “superego”… What he clearly understands without stating it is we are born with original sin. He knew this very well. What we fail to understand today is that a healthy ego is a good thing. The problem is the id… most people actually have an underdeveloped ego and a huge child inside called the “id” that never grew up. We must encourage people to actually develop an ego in order to squash the id… If you want a prime example of someone who has no ego and is just an id… Kim Jong Un. We have confused the terms in America, we think of a “Big Ego”… People are actually walking around with little to no ego right now… It needs healthily developed… ❤️, Jamry

Psychology 101

Psychology is a word originally coined in Germany by Martin Luther’s right hand man, Philip Melanchthon. It is derived from two Greek words, “Psuche”, meaning “Soul”… and “Logos” meaning “Word, Reason, Concept”. Psychology therefore is “The Study of the Soul”. It is important to emphasize this today as we have completely stripped the subject of its origin in the human soul. We must ditch out-dated and ineffective models of treatment that reduce things to the biological model, which is well proven to not work. We must be holistic and include the soul. ❤️, Jamry

Be One Directional

No, not the band… Focus on the one direction you are heading in and let everyone else go in theirs. You choose to love, do that consistently. When other people try to push you around, be one directional, be consistent. Do not waiver. Tough love is still love. I am saying… Other people will choose to be bitter, spiteful, vengeful, attacking, nitpicking, controlling, mean… You choose to be one person back to them, be the same person no matter what people do back to you… Love Forward… Keep marching… Don’t stop going… Don’t stop loving… Do not dip down into their way of being, do not alter the one direction you are going in… Don’t worry about how other people will react or receive your love, politeness, sacrifice, appreciation of them… They may even reject it… Sometimes love involves direct confrontation because you care so much about them… You are not doing this for the attention you will receive from it, do it just to do… Do it because that is who you are and you are consistent in that choice to be love… If you were a glass of water and someone pushes you over, what will come out? Bitter water or sweet water? That is the question when you get hurt in life, you must choose your own reactions… Be consistent and watch the results… It will be a battle when others try to contrast and contradict the love you are putting out to them… No worries… Love wins…  ❤️, Jamry

The Art of The Wife

How could someone be so good at The Art of The Deal and not simultaneously be amazing at The Art of The Wife? In a deal you need certain skills… reading between the lines, looking for what isn’t being said, putting it all on the table, reading subtle body language cues, direct eye contact, calming body gestures and greetings, honorific titles for the other, listening, communicating clearly, knowing when to concede, knowing when to stand your ground, doing what is best for both of you, knowing when to walk away, knowing when to speak up, reading their tone of voice, reading their eyes, controlling your own tone of voice for desired effect, discerning that what they are saying is actually the exact opposite of what is being said, knowing when they are projecting their own issues onto you, knowing when they are scared or not, knowing when you have pushed the wrong button, dancing around the other person’s sense of self properly so they feel loved and not disrespected, understanding cultural context and differences thereof, learning their ways, studying their ways… THIS IS THE EXACT SAME SKILL SET YOU NEED FOR LOVING YOUR WIFE, THEY GO HAND IN HAND… How could The Donald even possibly not be the world master of both!? I would think this should be a really easy switch to turn on for him… He already has it in him, its right there! Just turn it on! ❤️, Jamry

Healing Can Happen

It might take a minute… You might have to keep pushing through… It might take some very hard work… keep going… right when you least expect it. Healing will break through… and all of the sudden… You have a brand new love inside the old one… Behold, all things become new… Keep pushing towards your goal like you are giving birth… Soldier on… One day, the water will break out of nowhere… and the head will pop out… Nice motivating image for you, eh? You’ll be happy when your dream is born in front of your eyes. A new relationship can overwhelm the old one like waves finally catching up to you. Your heart will be flooded with joy unspeakable.  I promise.  ❤️, Jamry