Monthly Archives: June 2018

Golden Child / Black Sheep

To everyone out there who has been pigeon holed as the black sheep of the family… be free. Don’t believe that lie anymore, its not who you are or ever were, you are fine just as you are… its an external label they stuck on your young psyche because they are the black ones inside and they need to project problems away from themselves onto someone defenseless. You are fine, live that way. To all the children weighed down with the crushing eternal weight of being the perfect golden child… you are free to discover yourself now… they superimposed their standards upon you on purpose, only to expect even more of you in the future. Hell is never happy no matter how many hoops you jump through and mountains you climb… They will make many demands and have little pay off for you when you reach the goal… You will serve them very well… People pleasing will be the end of you… Be yourself, follow your own dreams… Don’t be someone else’s mind slave and puppet anymore… I have come to free you from the lies… Come to me, I will defend you… Golden Child/Black Sheep, Yin/Yang, Good Kid/Bad Kid… Its the original trap… Head for the Exit… Find Life… ❤️, Jamry

Gentleman Calling

A gentleman will overlook most offenses, don’t mistake his kindness for weakness… just because all you can recognize is a bunch of macho caveman chest pounding BS with all your other adolescent friends. You are so insecure you overcompensate like that? All you are is King of the Apes… Stop being a neanderthal, time to grow up little boy… stop blowing your own horn. A real man doesn’t destroy 300 women a day in bed like Wilt Chamberlain, he masters one woman’s heart over a lifetime… unless you have no skills, I guess. Time to do the grown man thing, time to be a boss. Live for the glory, not for shame. ❤️, Jamry

Zero Worth

There is nothing more disgusting than a woman who swoons and breaks her high heel for any fat greasy slime ball… as long as he has some dinero. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIS BANK ACCOUNT… OMG. You really have so little dignity, so little self-worth, so little respect for your own body… that you will throw yourself like trash to any man with some bucks that passes your way? Really? THAT IS CALLED PROSTITUTION BTW, unless that doesn’t bother you much. Your concept of a real man is the one that drinks the most, burps the loudest, blows all his money at the club, and is dripping in greasy sweat? SPOILER ALERT! A GENTLEMAN DOESN’T GO TO GENTLEMAN’S CLUBS! He has more important things to do in life, a lot higher callings and aspirations than being at a dark dingy nightclub surrounded by perverts. SHOCKING TO YOU, I AM SURE. Watch your behavior ladies… don’t make him upset… You wouldn’t want to lose your position next to his pocketbook would you? There is a huge difference between classy and trashy. You don’t need cash to have some class. I know a lot of rich trash, the majority of them actually. I’m trying to help you out here ladies, like really… stand up for yourself instead of spreading for them. Love yourself a little bit on this one, you will be a lot happier with some self-respect than with a big loser… If you engage with a loser today, do you know how that story ends tomorrow or do you need another go around the block on that one? AND HOW DO YOU THINK THE MAN FEELS? His total value in life boils down to a few pieces of paper at best and a few digits on a computer at worst… talk about no self-worth. HE FEELS WORTHLESS. If all a woman wants in a man is his money and he knows it… Gee, he is really feeling the love on that one. “She likes me for meeeee, not be-cause… “ You remember that song? 1999. ❤️, Jamry


This country is so sick right now… to its core! The Donald, Melania, and Jamry are gonna bring back this country from the brink of hell that it is in.  Heaven and earth are about to touch and fix this American Wasteland. Do you believe in miracles? ❤️, Jamry