What is Tea Garden Pillow Talk?

Girls are inherently precious and beautiful… I want to help empower them to be everything that they are meant to be, gorgeous in every way imaginable. My own wife and daughters inspire me to make these drawings so that they will have encouragement, examples, and good advice… on how to aspire for greatness and how to overcome realistic obstacles on their own journey for personal beauty… So that they will be able to shine and display all of their radiant beauty for all to behold in this dark and dreary world… So that they can make the world a better place just with their presence… So that the universe will be a better place just because they are here…

I want them to have the kind of beauty that will move mountains, the kind of beauty that makes the strong become weak, the kind of beauty that will inspire the world… Most importantly, I want them to have a self understanding of how others are suppose to treat such a beauty… So that they can verbalize and stand up for their own value when it is challenged or called into question… So that they will have the skills necessary to choose a future man wisely…

The do’s and the don’ts… That will help them achieve everything they ever wanted… Peace, Love, Happiness… To be pampered, treasured, and cherished… Priceless beyond measure…

I don’t want them to have additional hardship in life from not knowing these crucial things regarding relationships, personal behavior, and what’s worth pursuing in life… I don’t want them to miss the goal they are aiming for… It is important to study every detail of how to talk, how to respond, react, how to be intuitive of what others around you need, and how to verbalize your own needs effectively… with grace and beauty…

I invite you to pursue your own journey towards life, love, peace, loyalty, honor, respect, grace, beauty, and romance beyond your wildest imagination…

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Who is “Jamry”?

James Rydesky (aka “Jamry”) is an American animator, screenwriter, cartoonist, graphic designer, and comic book artist whose work has encompassed animated television, film, and comic books. He is the creator of Tea Garden Pillow Talk.

He loves to spend time with his family and have great meals with close friends. He spends his time living with his wife and children in Los Angeles, The Bay Area, and in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

How did Tea Garden Pillow Talk start?

It all started with a daily collection of drawings from father to daughter showing her what a good relationship is really like, something she would be able to reference whenever she might need it. It was originally a bunch of relationship memories and moments so our daughter would know what to do everyday in real life for years and years of a great relationship. There are a lot of men out there who just have no clue how to care for a woman… we wanted our daughter to know what to look for.