Already Done Dear

When your spouse needs you to do something… the magic words are… “Its already done, dear.” There is one catch to this, you need to have already done it… you can’t just say it… The other issue is, in order to have already done it… You will have to master the art of mind reading, you will need to be able to perceive what he/she needs before they say a word… You will need to learn the art of anticipating their feelings… This can only come by studying your spouse in detail, study them like a book, memorize that book, read the book back them … They will then recognize their favorite story being read to them… You will know them better than they know themselves… They will love you… they will also be shocked… Discover parts of the book you never learned before, ask deep probing questions, all the way to the bottom of your soul, learn about each other all the way to the ground floor of your existence… Live without any regrets, learn every single thing about them… 🙂 ❤️, Jamry

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