Be One Directional

Focus on the one direction you are heading in and let everyone else go in theirs. You choose to love, do that consistently. When other people try to push you around, be one directional, be consistent. Do not waiver. Tough love is still love. I am saying… Other people will choose to be bitter, spiteful, vengeful, attacking, nitpicking, controlling, mean… You choose to be one person back to them, be the same person no matter what people do back to you… Love Forward… Keep marching… Don’t stop going… Don’t stop loving… Do not dip down into their way of being, do not alter the one direction you are going in… Don’t worry about how other people will react or receive your love, politeness, sacrifice, appreciation of them… They may even reject it… Sometimes love involves direct confrontation because you care so much about them… You are not doing this for the attention you will receive from it, do it just to do… Do it because that is who you are and you are consistent in that choice to be love… If you were a glass of water and someone pushes you over, what will come out? Bitter water or sweet water? That is the question when you get hurt in life, you must choose your own reactions… Be consistent and watch the results… It will be a battle when others try to contrast and contradict the love you are putting out to them… No worries… Love wins…  ❤️, Jamry

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