Body/Self Disconnect

Additionally, someone who has been raped may have a body/self disconnect. The amount of trauma induced at the point of violence fractures the self… but this may also create a dichotomy between your feelings about your own body and your own identity. You may feel as though you are only a body with no self, you may feel no worth beyond this. This is not true FYI, so you know. You may also get a sense that your body is irrelevant to you or belongs to someone else… it has no worth. Also, not true. You may feel like the deepest part of you isn’t yours, but has been stolen… this is also not true. Its still yours. There is a range of emotions you can feel if this has happened to you… self image doubt… body doubt… both. They can be split miles apart or they could be merged to the point of no distinction, but there is no rest within the self just yet. You must reconcile all parts of who you are into one whole person, full of life. You are already beautiful as you are, you just need to dig it out from under the buried self. You will probably repress the bad stuff from the past and block it out, store it somewhere and throw away the key… that is a natural defense at the time… you are not the things that have happened to you, they do not define you… that is not your name… You need a new name and new definitions of yourself… Do not listen to other people anymore, go ahead and be free to build your own identity… No one owns you, no one controls you… Find yourself, own yourself, let other people discover the new you and enjoy you in the correct way… It will be the ride of your life, you will be filled with excitement and joy… I know this… It takes some time, but it is more fun and less work than you think… Don’t overthink this stuff, don’t get filled with anxiety at the thought of even trying this out… start enjoying life and a new you already… DO IT. Get out of the dungeon you have been in… Walk around in the sun! Start now, why are you even waiting? For what? Just remember, you will need some help to build the new self… you need some training wheels first before you can fly… ❤️, Jamry

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