Bossy Is Not Beautiful

Being rude, brash, condescending, backstabbing… these things are not beautiful in the least. Men don’t respond to bossy reactions, they respond to beautiful ones. A man will ascend to unbelievable heights for you, achieve things you never thought even possible… if you respect him, if you honor him. The key to a man’s heart is honor, loyalty, allegiance, and respect. Men do not even know what the word love means, its too abstract and squishy. They understand being respected. They understand respect by someone listening and doing what they said. They understand honor by preference, meaning that you choose to choose them and give them high value in your estimation of them on a daily basis. His words must have weight to you. If what he suggests to do or his opinion is of no value to you, if you can throw it away easily… he is not being loved by you. If he talks and he knows you are not listening at all, just appeasing and feigning interest… he will feel utterly slighted. They understand loyalty and allegiance. Men want someone who is always by their side, who is always on the same team, someone they can go conquer the world together with… if he feels like you aren’t on his team at all, he will struggle in everything else he tries to do, because he will view everything as meaningless without your loyalty. He won’t feel a purpose if you are not appreciative, he will just go through the motions from that point on. The lights will be on, but nobody is home for you. If he is not of highest preference in your heart, if you love other people more than him… he will know it and he will shut down on you. If you have a man who has been doing his best for you day in and day out, start loving him back… Please. ❤️, Jamry

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