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Talk Therapy

What Beck teaches us is profound and simple. The most powerful antidote may simply be… talking to each other. “Talk Therapy” “Chimney Sweeping” “Cleaning Out The Closets”… Its therapeutic, it brings Catharsis… It feels good… Its fun… Its intimate… Talk long, talk deep, talk about it all, hold nothing back… It is the best experience, you will feel fully alive…  ❤️, Jamry

Be One Directional

Focus on the one direction you are heading in and let everyone else go in theirs. You choose to love, do that consistently. When other people try to push you around, be one directional, be consistent. Do not waiver. Tough love is still love. I am saying… Other people will choose to be bitter, spiteful, vengeful, attacking, nitpicking, controlling, mean… You choose to be one person back to them, be the same person no matter what people do back to you… Love Forward… Keep marching… Don’t stop going… Don’t stop loving… Do not dip down into their way of being, do not alter the one direction you are going in… Don’t worry about how other people will react or receive your love, politeness, sacrifice, appreciation of them… They may even reject it… Sometimes love involves direct confrontation because you care so much about them… You are not doing this for the attention you will receive from it, do it just to do… Do it because that is who you are and you are consistent in that choice to be love… If you were a glass of water and someone pushes you over, what will come out? Bitter water or sweet water? That is the question when you get hurt in life, you must choose your own reactions… Be consistent and watch the results… It will be a battle when others try to contrast and contradict the love you are putting out to them… No worries… Love wins…  ❤️, Jamry

Healing Can Happen

It might take a minute… You might have to keep pushing through… It might take some very hard work… keep going… right when you least expect it. Healing will break through… and all of the sudden… You have a brand new love inside the old one… Behold, all things become new… Keep pushing towards your goal like you are giving birth… Soldier on… One day, the water will break out of nowhere… and the head will pop out… Nice motivating image for you, eh? You’ll be happy when your dream is born in front of your eyes. A new relationship can overwhelm the old one like waves finally catching up to you. Your heart will be flooded with joy unspeakable.  I promise.  ❤️, Jamry

Golden Child / Black Sheep

To everyone out there who has been pigeon holed as the black sheep of the family… be free. Don’t believe that lie anymore, its not who you are or ever were, you are fine just as you are… its an external label they stuck on your young psyche because they are the black ones inside and they need to project problems away from themselves onto someone defenseless. You are fine, live that way. To all the children weighed down with the crushing eternal weight of being the perfect golden child… you are free to discover yourself now… they superimposed their standards upon you on purpose, only to expect even more of you in the future. Hell is never happy no matter how many hoops you jump through and mountains you climb… They will make many demands and have little pay off for you when you reach the goal… You will serve them very well… People pleasing will be the end of you… Be yourself, follow your own dreams… Don’t be someone else’s mind slave and puppet anymore… I have come to free you from the lies… Come to me, I will defend you… Golden Child/Black Sheep, Yin/Yang, Good Kid/Bad Kid… Its the original trap… Head for the Exit… Find Life… ❤️, Jamry

Gentleman Calling

A gentleman will overlook most offenses, don’t mistake his kindness for weakness… just because all you can recognize is a bunch of macho caveman chest pounding with all your other adolescent friends. You are so insecure you overcompensate like that? A real man doesn’t destroy 300 women a day like Wilt Chamberlain, he masters one woman’s heart over a lifetime… unless you have no skills, I guess. Live for the glory, not for the shame. ❤️, Jamry

Organic / Paleo / Gluten Free Wife’s Name Challenge

I’m on a mission to only eat organic / paleo / gluten free AND at restaurants that contain my wife’s name in it somewhere. This all started on Father’s Day at MOMO in Couer d’alene, ID. I am in DC right now. So far I ate at Momofuku CCDC and Doi Moi DC. Next up is Roti Modern Mediterranean and Modern Market. I may eventually run out of options here, but I am going strong! We will see how long I can keep this going! Its been fun so far and the food here has been INCREDIBLE. Some of you should take on this challenge, make it happen! Think you can do it? Think you can beat my record? I’ll be at 5 by EOD today… keep up! 🙂❤️, Jamry

A Collision With Beauty

Beholding beauty first hand is what really changes the world, because it changes your heart in an instant and once you see it… you can not unsee it. Once you see it in person, it is also real… not a legend… and can no longer be denied. True beauty will stop you right where you stand, turn your head, freeze you in your tracks, and leave you speechless. You are changed forever in one glance. The only problem is… the mere existence of someone beautiful, exposes in the same room those who are truely ugly… and the ugliness can no longer hide in its cave. It has no where to run. You know who I am talking about, do you not? Are you still all so confused? ❤️, Jamry

SoundCloud Rap

For those of you totally out of the loop these days. SoundCloud Rap is the thing right now… 2016 launched all of these overnight sensations on SoundCloud, they turned into headliners in a minute. If you have kids anywhere from 10-30 years old… they probably know these artists. Want to know what I find interesting about this movement? They are literally dying within the same timeframe as becoming famous. One of them was gunned down yesterday at age 20. Another one died last year from a Xanax overdose. Most of them rap about popping pills, hard drugs, nihilistic and sadistic sex acts. Just so you are aware… ALL OF YOUR KIDS CURRENTLY LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC RIGHT NOW AS I AM WRITING THIS. This is not a new phenomenon… This is an artistic expression of a social crisis going back to at least grunge music… Go listen to Nirvana, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, or watch the music video for Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun”… Gen X grew up sad and isolated by their Baby Boomer parents facade of a world… Gen X got a front row seat to watch their parents rat race to keep up with the Joneses by buying the white picket fence and they forgot about the children inside of it… the result was grunge rock and gangster rap to express the angst…  Millennials came up right after them… DMX, Eminem… Party Rap, Cash Money Rap, Kanye West… Grunge went away and we ended up with Punk Rock, Rave, Electronic, Emo, Heavy Metal… Rap Music turned into Party Music merged into electronic music… EDM became mainstream… Now we have lo-fi/sci-fi/emo/drug overdose rap… This is going on 3 and 4 generations of unparented kids who are pissed off that NO ONE CARES ABOUT THEM AND EVERY DOOR THEY TRY TO OPEN IS CLOSED IN THEIR FACES… the lights have been on in the houses of America BUT NOBODY HAS BEEN AT HOME FOR A LONG TIME NOW… What we need is a loving family, not a house… What we need is each other, not real estate… Right now, home is where the hatred is for most people… Like haunted houses all across America… It will change…  I’ve already ended it… I’m living in the future as we speak…❤️, Jamry

Eating Clean

Did you know that what you are eating could be adding additional stress to your life? Modern processed foods will actually aggravate your stress receptors, cause chronic fatigue, and even make you utterly depressed. Highs and lows in your day can actually be diet related. We live in a stressful world already and when you might need the most energy on a bad day, at the worst possible moment… you might lash out at someone from a sugar crash or from a food craving. Of course, you can not blame your body or your diet if you have real issues to work through. I am simply saying… a clean diet will help you have strength, energy, and will allow you to operate at peak performance for the hard days ahead. Your mind will be sharp, reflexes sharp, clear headed, not irritable, ready to take on the day… Be calm in the midst of the storm instead of freaking out, doesn’t that sound better than being tired all of the time or constantly annoyed? I recommend a whole foods plant based diet… paleo, keto, Whole30…  Look these all up for yourself… It is not a small adjustment, but it is worth making… You will be running laps while others can barely crawl, you will be climbing mountains while others can barely scrape by, you will be doing a Heisman while others have a cardiac arrest… That is how much energy and focused thought you will gain from eating well… I know this from personal experience… ❤️, Jamry

Detangling Incest

Incest adds a few layers onto a rape situation. Not only do you have the fracturing of the self… but, now you have confusion of interpersonal relationships. It brings it too close to home. A father, brother, sister, uncle, cousin. After incest there will be very strong emotional attachment and affection while at the same time having intense despising of the same person. Now there will be times of your pleasure principle activating and you will at the same time despise these feelings. Your body will on its own give you feelings of great pleasure while your brain says to yourself you are disgusting, how could you be attracted to the person that hurt you. This will go back and forth. You should hate them not want them… but, then in a normal situation you would actually want to know that family member well. You deeply desire and want to know that person… You deeply want them dead and punished. An extreme cliff of feelings. There becomes a flattening between what is a platonic relation and a romantic one. Platonic and romantic all become one, small gestures of friendship easily feel deeply sensual. Any friend or family member could be both now, its unhinged. You will crave the person that hurt you and you will hate them for it. You will blame yourself for it happening while at the same time blaming others. You will feel unable to defend yourself properly and vulnerable while at the same time feeling the need to be very strong. You will feel like you are being taken advantage of while being enraged at the very idea of that. The family unit becomes a breeding ground for confusion in each direction. You will get pleasurable feelings towards other family members while at the same time telling yourself they are wrong and suppressing them. You will want them and you will not like yourself for it. This is what needs detangled. None of this was your fault. Nor are you actually broken. This is exactly what you would be feeling having gone through this. It can also be walked through so that you no longer have this crossing of guilt, blame, and pleasure. You can get to a point of putting each thing in its right place… blame for the right person, pleasure for the correct person, guilt removed from yourself. Platonic relations can be platonic, romantic can be romantic. No longer mixed. Freedom. Incest tends to be generational, handed down and repeated again… people tend to treat someone else the way they were treated, they do this so someone else can know their pain as well, they won’t feel so alone anymore once they hurt another person… and it continues. You will need a new mentor voice to walk you through all of those lies and crossed emotions so that they can be understood and discussed. Cleaning out the backlog of thoughts and feelings from all those years. Time to sweep out the chimney… be free and clear! Every time you have a crossed feeling you will think of them again, every time you do something wrong you will be reminded of them, every time you are depressed you think of them… This is precisely what must stop… You must not think about them anymore… Do not focus on the negative of them, that is where the damage continues… by brooding and dwelling upon that negative event eternally, it traps you there… focus on the positive of where you are heading now… Focus on your new role model, think upon the new you… Do not drag yourself into thoughts about them or thoughts of hating yourself… Love the new you, focus on the new self… Create a new name for yourself, create a new reputation for that name, focus on who that new person is, build up that new persons identity, let that new person walk around in public openly, that is actually you… That person is the real you, it actually is, its been there the whole time and you were never allowed to activate it… buried under a million distracting thoughts so you would never be allowed to enjoy yourself… No more… Don’t let anyone steal your joy another day… Stop thinking about them, that is what they wanted all along… For you to obsess over them your whole life, they wanted to steal your attention span for your whole entire life. Obsess over your new role model, the future version of yourself, focus on the positive new model of you… Go find yourself and let others find you to… Then once you do that, extend your newly found joy unto more people, until everyone is free from this…❤️, Jamry