Contentious, Defeated, Charming.

There are only three types of women. Contentious, Defeated, Charming. A contentious woman is controlling and domineering. Her greatest fear is not being the boss of everything. At some root level a contentious woman has trust issues with men in general and has a felt need to dominate. This attitude and behavior will become very unattractive to any man and he will not be able to stand the constant attempts at domination. He will then avoid her and she will feel completely alone. The other woman is defeated. A defeated woman is a pushover who takes endless amounts of stress and abuse upon herself from others. A defeated woman never draws the line that she is being used time and time again. A defeated woman takes on the needs of everyone else to an extreme degree where she is being crushed and not taken care of at all… she is just being run over. A man will not respect a defeated woman for long because she can not even stand on her own two feet, she becomes like a child. Contentious woman have observed defeated women in life and decided that they should never fall into the trap of being a pushover woman. That is why they decided to become aggressive and to dominate all others. A man is not looking for a contentious woman nor a defeated woman. A defeated woman is not respected by a man just as much as a contentious one. A defeated woman tends to be with a man who will cheat on her frequently and she just continues in the relationship knowing he does this, which is why some woman choose to be contentious. The contentious woman fails to see that her attempted domination of her man will drive him to cheat potentially as well, because he can’t even be in the same room as her for 5 minutes. When he needs love, she is a brick wall. He can’t do that for long without trouble. The solution is to escape the contentious/defeated trap and become a charming woman. A charming woman handles everything with grace. When life hands her lemons, she makes lemonade. When storms of life crush her, she remains cool, calm, collected. When someone tries to hurt her, she knows her own dignity and value. When someone tries to insult her, she is not bothered. When someone projects their own problems onto her, she does not absorb them. When someone else is enjoying life, she enjoys it with them… instead of tearing them down. Most importantly, when a charming woman feels out of control… she trusts that everything is going to work out just fine and knows this is actually true. She laughs in the face of adversity and takes on life as a game that is fun to be apart of…  in a charming way of course. The charming woman handles life with displays of beauty, not an iron fist or a loud voice. These kind of women are diamonds in the rough, I am eternally grateful that I have found one of them. ❤️, Jamry

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