Detangling Incest

Incest adds a few layers onto a rape situation. Not only do you have the fracturing of the self… but, now you have confusion of interpersonal relationships. It brings it too close to home. A father, brother, sister, uncle, cousin. After incest there will be very strong emotional attachment and affection while at the same time having intense despising of the same person. Now there will be times of your pleasure principle activating and you will at the same time despise these feelings. Your body will on its own give you feelings of great pleasure while your brain says to yourself you are disgusting, how could you be attracted to the person that hurt you. This will go back and forth. You should hate them not want them… but, then in a normal situation you would actually want to know that family member well. You deeply desire and want to know that person… You deeply want them dead and punished. An extreme cliff of feelings. There becomes a flattening between what is a platonic relation and a romantic one. Platonic and romantic all become one, small gestures of friendship easily feel deeply sensual. Any friend or family member could be both now, its unhinged. You will crave the person that hurt you and you will hate them for it. You will blame yourself for it happening while at the same time blaming others. You will feel unable to defend yourself properly and vulnerable while at the same time feeling the need to be very strong. You will feel like you are being taken advantage of while being enraged at the very idea of that. The family unit becomes a breeding ground for confusion in each direction. You will get pleasurable feelings towards other family members while at the same time telling yourself they are wrong and suppressing them. You will want them and you will not like yourself for it. This is what needs detangled. None of this was your fault. Nor are you actually broken. This is exactly what you would be feeling having gone through this. It can also be walked through so that you no longer have this crossing of guilt, blame, and pleasure. You can get to a point of putting each thing in its right place… blame for the right person, pleasure for the correct person, guilt removed from yourself. Platonic relations can be platonic, romantic can be romantic. No longer mixed. Freedom. Incest tends to be generational, handed down and repeated again… people tend to treat someone else the way they were treated, they do this so someone else can know their pain as well, they won’t feel so alone anymore once they hurt another person… and it continues. You will need a new mentor voice to walk you through all of those lies and crossed emotions so that they can be understood and discussed. Cleaning out the backlog of thoughts and feelings from all those years. Time to sweep out the chimney… be free and clear! Every time you have a crossed feeling you will think of them again, every time you do something wrong you will be reminded of them, every time you are depressed you think of them… This is precisely what must stop… You must not think about them anymore… Do not focus on the negative of them, that is where the damage continues… by brooding and dwelling upon that negative event eternally, it traps you there… focus on the positive of where you are heading now… Focus on your new role model, think upon the new you… Do not drag yourself into thoughts about them or thoughts of hating yourself… Love the new you, focus on the new self… Create a new name for yourself, create a new reputation for that name, focus on who that new person is, build up that new persons identity, let that new person walk around in public openly, that is actually you… That person is the real you, it actually is, its been there the whole time and you were never allowed to activate it… buried under a million distracting thoughts so you would never be allowed to enjoy yourself… No more… Don’t let anyone steal your joy another day… Stop thinking about them, that is what they wanted all along… For you to obsess over them your whole life, they wanted to steal your attention span for your whole entire life. Obsess over your new role model, the future version of yourself, focus on the positive new model of you… Go find yourself and let others find you to… Then once you do that, extend your newly found joy unto more people, until everyone is free from this…❤️, Jamry

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