Eating Clean

Did you know that what you are eating could be adding additional stress to your life? Modern processed foods will actually aggravate your stress receptors, cause chronic fatigue, and even make you utterly depressed. Highs and lows in your day can actually be diet related. We live in a stressful world already and when you might need the most energy on a bad day, at the worst possible moment… you might lash out at someone from a sugar crash or from a food craving. Of course, you can not blame your body or your diet if you have real issues to work through. I am simply saying… a clean diet will help you have strength, energy, and will allow you to operate at peak performance for the hard days ahead. Your mind will be sharp, reflexes sharp, clear headed, not irritable, ready to take on the day… Be calm in the midst of the storm instead of freaking out, doesn’t that sound better than being tired all of the time or constantly annoyed? I recommend a whole foods plant based diet… paleo, keto, Whole30…  Look these all up for yourself… It is not a small adjustment, but it is worth making… You will be running laps while others can barely crawl, you will be climbing mountains while others can barely scrape by, you will be doing a Heisman while others have a cardiac arrest… That is how much energy and focused thought you will gain from eating well… I know this from personal experience… ❤️, Jamry

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