Face Culture

Who you are in private needs to be who you are in public. There can not be a version of you at home and a version of you out of the house. This is how you end up being two-faced. You can not have a distance between how you act in front of people and what you actually feel on the inside. This is how people end up living double lives. They hide one version of themselves from the other version of themselves. You may even end up having two separate families doing this… one down the street and one up the street. People end up having one girlfriend downtown and one girlfriend uptown… They have their chaotic life at home and their secret outlet that they tell no one they go to… They have a husband at home and an emotional affair at work… They act one way toward their spouse in person and then have a separate outlet to vent about that same spouse all day… If you are sad, mad, glad, or afraid of someone… Tell them that! Not some other person! Go directly to them and express how you feel! Not some 3rd party that has no context to them… There needs to be no gap in between what you say and what you do… There needs to be no gap between what you feel and what you communicate… If you hide part of yourself from others… You will then behave privately in anger against them, behind their back… Then you will hide what you just did as well… things will fester and get worse each day… Say what you feel, hold nothing back, come clean… You will feel whole again… You will never be happy until the private version of yourself can live openly in the public square… As long as you live in hiding and in the shadows, you live condemned to misery forever… Come out of the shadows and be one person all the time… You won’t have to remember what you told one person vs. another because you switch stories depending on who is front of you… Just be one person, talk one way to everyone, be the same person no matter who is in front of you… No matter what you have done, you can be honest about it in public… True happiness can be found by being yourself all the time… open and honest… the good, bad, and the ugly… 24/7… No matter who is watching… Freedom… Real Freedom! This is who I am… Own it and love it! All of it! All the time! Love who you are… The real you… Now you are really free! Be free! Stay Free! ❤️, Jamry

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