Golden Child / Black Sheep

To everyone out there who has been pigeon holed as the black sheep of the family… be free. Don’t believe that lie anymore, its not who you are or ever were, you are fine just as you are… its an external label they stuck on your young psyche because they are the black ones inside and they need to project problems away from themselves onto someone defenseless. You are fine, live that way. To all the children weighed down with the crushing eternal weight of being the perfect golden child… you are free to discover yourself now… they superimposed their standards upon you on purpose, only to expect even more of you in the future. Hell is never happy no matter how many hoops you jump through and mountains you climb… They will make many demands and have little pay off for you when you reach the goal… You will serve them very well… People pleasing will be the end of you… Be yourself, follow your own dreams… Don’t be someone else’s mind slave and puppet anymore… I have come to free you from the lies… Come to me, I will defend you… Golden Child/Black Sheep, Yin/Yang, Good Kid/Bad Kid… Its the original trap… Head for the Exit… Find Life… ❤️, Jamry

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