Healing Rape

One of the most traumatic, if not the most traumatic event, a person can endure… is rape. What happens in rape is the actual dividing of the self image. Inside of every person are three senses of self… There is a primal basic self, which wants basic things such as survival, food, pleasure… at any cost. This part of self is what you are born with and most people overcome through growing up into maturity and life experience. The other part of yourself is the actual “you”… the real sense of yourself, the “I”… this is who you personally are, your sense of personal identity… this is the point of departure when you have been raped… rape scars a persons sense of “me”… because of this a person is only left with the primal self and the third sense of self, which is the “mentor” self… the “parental voice”… the parental voice gives you ideas of right and wrong, like training wheels on a bicycle it helps you to build your “you” until the point you graduate from training wheels and no longer need it, it falls away… A person who has been raped has a mentor voice and a primal voice… the “I” tends to not have a foundation anymore post trauma… A person who has been damaged will tend to have no view or value of self as well as no sense of empathy for another persons self… they will be a blank wall unable to emotionally place themselves in another persons shoes, except for maybe certain circumstances they will be mostly limited in empathy…  IF YOU WANT REAL HEALING FOR RAPE… here is how you go about it… first you must recognize the basic version of yourself… this is the part of you that has no filter and only cares about getting its own needs met… a person with no sense of self sends all decision making through the filter of the primal self and as a result will not care about themselves or others in pursuit of basic needs… If you have an overbearing parental voice that is not constructive it will add double damage to the already fractured self… an overbearing mentor voice will dominate your concepts of what you should and shouldn’t do, it will hound your “I” down and won’t let it grow into maturity… likewise an underdeveloped parental voice will leave a person lost altogether with no sense of direction at all… GOOD NEWS NOW… You can start by personally choosing a new parent voice… recognize the voice and choose a new one… think of this as you are about to build a building inside of you, which is your own personal identity… you will need scaffolding and equipment to construct this building called “you”… the new parent or mentor voice does this role for you, it will positively help you construct yourself until you can reach a point where you no longer need it, then you ride free without the training wheels from that point forward! That is the new goal… so in the end you will have no more parent voice and you will have a healthy version of yourself that can resist successfully your primal reactive self… and you will be one whole happy you… this can be done… it starts with a new mentor voice to walk you through the reconstruction of your new personal sense of self… you will then start having your own “you” which will be able to critique the primal urges and the old parent voice… When a person lets their primal self have its way, they lash out and then feel guilty about it… trying to cover up what they just did in embarrassment… only to do the same thing again later… When you construct a healthy self, you will be able to critique the primal rage and tell it no more… You will also be free from an overbearing parent voice telling you what to do and making you feel bad all day… You will need some guidance, a new mentor voice, a new role model, and you need to adventure into self construction of who you are… it is actually a lot of fun at that point! I can help you with this if you want, it can be enjoyable and creative… Building yourself and discovering yourself is one of the absolute greatest joys in life, you can have a lot of fun with it… I mean this… Let me help you… ❤️, Jamry

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