Homer Simpson & The Kardashians

If the Kardashian family is the American golden standard for a family these days… Then this country is toast… The Dad was treated like Homer Simpson, so much so that he is now a woman… The Mom runs around like a Matriarchal overlord in everybody’s business, because if she is not happy… she will be damned to see anyone else be! Thats the right thing to do! Misery loves company, doesn’t it. All the girls are left doing is dating rappers/ballers that they control and manipulate to near death, all of this probably because they miss their real Dad… All I am left thinking is… What on earth would this family have been like if Robert Kardashian never died… It is obvious that in the wake of his death, the stepdad is unable of have any authority in the house, and the ship has run off course… Robert after the divorce tried to date and marry other women… Which supposedly Kris and the girls were instrumental in thwarting… Understandably, to some extent… They want their Dad… Who wouldn’t? I don’t know what all happened before the divorce to begin with. What I do know… is that this is no golden standard. This is hell on earth. It takes a strong man to put a family like that back in order. Home is just a breeding ground for Dad hatred at this point… If we can’t get back to honoring Dad… The whole house goes to trash… Men lead the family… Men are the hero… Men need to be loved in this way, women and children are the beneficiaries… Father needs put on a pedestal… Husband needs to be his primary role… DAD IS EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IS DEFINED BY HIM, EVERYTHING IS REFERENCED BY WHAT HE THINKS, DAD IS THE OWNER… If you can’t do that, just keep watching the Kardashians… Good luck with that! Enjoy yourselves… My advice to men stuck in that family, like they say on Shark Tank… “I’m out”… The golden standard for a woman is not Psycho Witch Barbie… The golden standard for a man is not transgender Homer Simpson… The golden standard is Tea Garden Pillow Talk… We are the new Ken and Barbie, not Barbie and Ken… Like The Godfather, come and learn something… You all look like a bunch of clowns in a bad circus…  ❤️, Jamry

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