New School Marriage…

I think what people are really missing about the concept of marriage is context. The purpose of marriage is to create a love story, it takes two characters and an agreement to go on one adventure. You go on the journey together and each beat of the story has more meaning than the moment before it. You make one memory and then another, you cross one crisis and then pass over another mountain… each day brings more meaning to “us” and “we”… where we have been together and where we are going next. You eventually lose track of time as you continue growing deeper and deeper together… it goes on and on. The alternative is to have one relationship end, then start another relationship with a new story, then end that story, then start another one with a new partner, then end that one also… each story being cut off… ending the meaning, ending the growth, ending the depth. They feel meaningless, pointless, and unfulfilling… sometimes painfully so. I’d rather live one epic romance story that grows in meaning and depth everyday as opposed to a million that start off exciting and end in meaninglessness each time… only to repeat the cycle again. Get off that carousel and start your exclusive romance adventure instead. ❤️, Jamry

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