Misinterpreting Love Signals

Many people misinterpret love signals. They think someone loves them when in reality they are just being used. How do you know the difference? The difference is in the motive. You know someone’s love toward you is genuine when they do it because that is what they want to be doing. On any given day they could choose to do anything in the world or be anywhere they want… but what is fun for them is loving you, that is a good time to them. You don’t have to initiate them or force them to love you, they just do it on their own motivation. Genuine love just does because love is worth doing. Think about Santa Claus, he gives gifts because that is fun for him. He gets a kick out it. His idea of a good time is loving people. An abusive person lines everything up for their own advantage, they only give love when it is necessary or required behavior to accomplish their own goal… and their goal is not loving you, I can promise you that. ❤️, Jamry

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