Organic / Paleo / Gluten Free Wife’s Name Challenge

I’m on a mission to only eat organic / paleo / gluten free AND at restaurants that contain my wife’s name in it somewhere. This all started on Father’s Day at MOMO in Couer d’alene, ID. I am in DC right now. So far I ate at Momofuku CCDC and Doi Moi DC. Next up is Roti Modern Mediterranean and Modern Market. I may eventually run out of options here, but I am going strong! We will see how long I can keep this going! Its been fun so far and the food here has been INCREDIBLE. Some of you should take on this challenge, make it happen! Think you can do it? Think you can beat my record? I’ll be at 5 by EOD today… keep up! 🙂❤️, Jamry

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