Philadelphia Rush

Benjamin Rush is the Father of American Psychiatry, a Founding Father of the United States, and signer of the Declaration of Independence. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he came up with the idea of treating patients humanely… or so you would be persuaded. He was the first person to believe that mental illness is a disease in your mind and not a “possession by demons”. He taught that insanity was due to inflammation of the brain and that controlling blood flow would correct this. He created contraptions to attach to the patient to accomplish this. It cured no one. He believed strongly in bleeding and purging of patients. That didn’t help anyone either. “His care was ineffective and horrific”, that is out of the mouth of UPenn itself. He would chain patients in unheated cells in the basement. The one good thing he did is he forced townspeople to stop coming to the insane asylum to watch the patients as a form of entertainment. That is what they use to do in England, which is where we get the word “Bedlam”… The rich would watch the insane like a circus show… really nice people. ❤️, Jamry

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