Self Defeating Behavior

Why is it… that some people… right as they are about to achieve everything they ever wanted… suddenly geek out and destroy everything they were working towards? At the very moment they will arrive at the goal they worked towards… they lose it. They all of the sudden can’t show up on time, start getting into addictions… they go off the deep end. Focusing on other people instead of themselves, stopping for fast food after committing to eating healthy, getting in a deep phone call right before hitting the gym, saying no to your kids before giving into them, saying you want to quit drinking and then grabbing a beer with a friend, dreaming of saving money only to spend all of it, saying you want to be close to your kids and then criticizing all of their choices, worrying about what others think of you… Negative self talk, procrastination, obsessing over perfection, stubbornness, people pleasing, blaming others, refusing to ask for help, fear of healthy risk taking, self guilt and feeling undeserving of good things… the pain of imagined risk easily triggering strong and painful emotions that flood you with dread and stress causing you to shut down and no longer function… Failing to meet your goals threatening your ego leading to negative emotions leading to setting higher standards for yourself leading to even more failure… ❤️, Jamry

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