SoundCloud Rap

For those of you totally out of the loop these days. SoundCloud Rap is the thing right now… 2016 launched all of these overnight sensations on SoundCloud, they turned into headliners in a minute. If you have kids anywhere from 10-30 years old… they probably know these artists. Want to know what I find interesting about this movement? They are literally dying within the same timeframe as becoming famous. One of them was gunned down yesterday at age 20. Another one died last year from a Xanax overdose. Most of them rap about popping pills, hard drugs, nihilistic and sadistic sex acts. Just so you are aware… ALL OF YOUR KIDS CURRENTLY LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC RIGHT NOW AS I AM WRITING THIS. This is not a new phenomenon… This is an artistic expression of a social crisis going back to at least grunge music… Go listen to Nirvana, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, or watch the music video for Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun”… Gen X grew up sad and isolated by their Baby Boomer parents facade of a world… Gen X got a front row seat to watch their parents rat race to keep up with the Joneses by buying the white picket fence and they forgot about the children inside of it… the result was grunge rock and gangster rap to express the angst…  Millennials came up right after them… DMX, Eminem… Party Rap, Cash Money Rap, Kanye West… Grunge went away and we ended up with Punk Rock, Rave, Electronic, Emo, Heavy Metal… Rap Music turned into Party Music merged into electronic music… EDM became mainstream… Now we have lo-fi/sci-fi/emo/drug overdose rap… This is going on 3 and 4 generations of unparented kids who are pissed off that NO ONE CARES ABOUT THEM AND EVERY DOOR THEY TRY TO OPEN IS CLOSED IN THEIR FACES… the lights have been on in the houses of America BUT NOBODY HAS BEEN AT HOME FOR A LONG TIME NOW… What we need is a loving family, not a house… What we need is each other, not real estate… Right now, home is where the hatred is for most people… Like haunted houses all across America… It will change…  I’ve already ended it… I’m living in the future as we speak…❤️, Jamry

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