Strong Woman = Ugly Duckling

We live in a culture that tells women to be “STRONG”, we “empower” them to be… “strong”. The culture tells them this will lead them to happiness and fulfillment of their personal goals. Has anyone considered that this is flat out wrong? We should be empowering them to be beautiful, not in the most superficial sense… but in totality of the word. A woman’s soul does not crave being complimented for its strength, they want to be noticed for the beauty they bring into the world. A woman can do this in so many ways… The subtle turning of the right word in a sentence, the right gesture of the hands, the right compliment, being helpful at the perfect moment, or even just her wonderful presence in a room. Women will get what they want out of life when they are fully displaying all that they are meant to be… the essence and eminence of beauty. A man does not want to come home to a porcupine. A man does not respond to strength and being challenged. He wants someone full of grace, someone that takes the edge off of him. We don’t need externally beautiful women with the inner soul of an Olympic strength trainer. Men respond to the feminine attributes of women, it draws a positive response from us. A woman’s silence and her  kind behavior placed at the right moment can potentially be more powerful than a bullhorn or a pumped fist. The beholding of something beautiful melts the hearts of the world. Women already have what it takes to do this, it is within them… just listen to it.❤️, Jamry

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