The Art of The Wife

How could someone be so good at The Art of The Deal and not simultaneously be amazing at The Art of The Wife? In a deal you need certain skills… reading between the lines, looking for what isn’t being said, putting it all on the table, reading subtle body language cues, direct eye contact, calming body gestures and greetings, honorific titles for the other, listening, communicating clearly, knowing when to concede, knowing when to stand your ground, doing what is best for both of you, knowing when to walk away, knowing when to speak up, reading their tone of voice, reading their eyes, controlling your own tone of voice for desired effect, discerning that what they are saying is actually the exact opposite of what is being said, knowing when they are projecting their own issues onto you, knowing when they are scared or not, knowing when you have pushed the wrong button, dancing around the other person’s sense of self properly so they feel loved and not disrespected, understanding cultural context and differences thereof, learning their ways, studying their ways… THIS IS THE EXACT SAME SKILL SET YOU NEED FOR LOVING YOUR WIFE, THEY GO HAND IN HAND… How could The Donald even possibly not be the world master of both!? I would think this should be a really easy switch to turn on for him… He already has it in him, its right there! Just turn it on! ❤️, Jamry

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