Web of Relationships

Women care about one thing really and one thing only… most men have zero clue it even exists. Woman only think from this framework. Women care deeply about their interpersonal mesh of relationships. If you attempt to move or adjust even one of these puzzle pieces, her universe has shifted drastically. She will fight tooth and nail to make sure no interpersonal relationship fluctuates or alters in the slightest. It must stay as it was or else there will be hell to pay. It is her safety net, it is the ground floor of her being. This is good and healthy for a woman to be this way up to a point… if changes need made for improvement and a woman says hands off my stuff and becomes defensive… then growth and improvement cease… instead of blossoming relationships into a higher level of being, they can become stunted by any attempt to put them in a cage and keep them like the good old days… If a person around her needs to grow into a higher sense of self, to go places and become someone, she will attempt to pull them back down into the old social positioning… Time changes people, people are organic and dynamic, life must get better… Old things must go away and all things must become brand new… Things can not stay the same, they must flourish, you must make new memories today not try to preserve the old ones forever… human flourishing can not take place in an environment of iron clad totalitarian control… This is the issue at hand, the social web of relationships you have today will be different tomorrow… it must be so, this is how life works… To fight against this growth is to fight a losing battle with reality itself… Learn to go with the flow and be flexible, adapt to new friends and to people growing up and leaving home for new adventures… Enjoy the stages of life, all of them, do not try to cling to one era of time, your life will pass away right in front of you doing that… A flower will die without water, relationships die under manipulation… the future is always brighter then the past, learn to let go and watch things become even better… Remember, what comes is better then what came before… always… Take risks, open up, let go… and you will actually be happier… Taste and see…  ❤️, Jamry

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