Wedding Vows vs. Money

You get what you want, its that simple. If you value your commitment to your spouse, you will not throw it away when things get tough, because the thing that you wanted all along… was your spouse… and here he or she is… everything you ever wanted, everything you were looking for… right next to you… to have and to hold forever… If your commitment to your spouse is not valuable to you, you will trash it on a dime… and go after the thing that you actually wanted instead. If all you wanted was money and not a person, you will throw people away as useless and attack them when they don’t give you want you really wanted from them all along… If all you want is a person, money issues will not matter to you at all… money becomes irrelevant when you already have what you want in life, which is her or him… When things get tough, you have each other. When things get tough, you have some financial resources. Which one sounds better to you? Do you want your spouse or just his money and power? Do you want your spouse or just how she looks and what she can do for you? Aren’t you better off alone and rich, since all you wanted was money? Aren’t you better off together and broke, since all you wanted was each other? Love makes the world go round… money follows it. We spend money on the things we love. Money just amplifies who we already are. If I give you a million dollars but you are a big fake jerk… you will be a million dollar big fake jerk… So, who are you and what do you actually love? You can always find more money to solve a money problem, there are billions of dollars out there… A person is one of a kind, you can never replace them once they are gone… There are trillions of dollars, but only one of me… Choose people over money every chance you get, live without regrets… That bill will come due on how you treated people for all those years and your heart won’t be able to pay that one back… Don’t do that to yourself… ❤️, Jamry

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