What Freud Got Right

What Freud really nailed on the head… when he is speaking of the “id” we are born with and the “Oedipus Complex”… is that we are all born with this primal, base state of being… We are all born flawed and have inordinate desires that need tamed by the “ego” and the “superego”… What he clearly understands without stating it is we are born with original sin. He knew this very well. What we fail to understand today is that a healthy ego is a good thing. The problem is the id… most people actually have an underdeveloped ego and a huge child inside called the “id” that never grew up. We must encourage people to actually develop an ego in order to squash the id… If you want a prime example of someone who has no ego and is just an id… Kim Jong Un. We have confused the terms in America, we think of a “Big Ego”… People are actually walking around with little to no ego right now… It needs healthily developed… ❤️, Jamry

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