You Sentimental Devil

The most sentimental person is the devil. Why? Because he/she doesn’t want anything touched… he or she thinks everything is already just as they wanted it… completely messed up and his or hers to keep. Things must always stay the same, they are never allowed to change. Things can never grow, things can never improve, things can never be fixed. Just leave things the way the are… nice and in the same spot. As long is its familiar it is good… even if its broken, even if its hurting people everyday… just keep things the way they are, don’t rock the boat. The boat needs completely flipped over at this point, things can not stay the way they are. Life must improve, the world must get better. There is no room for nostalgia and sentimentality, its time to usher in the future. Sentimentality destroys people around you, stop it. Move on to a brighter future, the world is moving on with or without you. The world is moving on whether you like it or not, I suggest you join the party.  ❤️, Jamry

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