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Father, Father

I will tell you one of the most profound lessons I have ever learned. You can not expect someone to give to you… what they themselves have not been given. I was told this in regard to my relationship with my Father years ago by a friend. Most parents want to do their best for their kids… however, there seems to be a limitation in that perspective… they can’t give you what they don’t have. They can’t give you compliments, affirmation, attention, affection, encouragement… If they were never given that themselves… they can’t say they are proud of you if their own Father has never told them either… They can’t tell you they delight in you, they love watching you grow up, they love watching you do anything at all, that you are their absolute treasure… Daughter or Son, they both crave to hear it… It is hard to verbalize on its own, let alone if no one has ever done that for them all these years… When you come to understand this, it will free you… Although it may still hurt that your needs may not have been met, you will at least understand your parents gave you what they could… They may have an emotional limitation in giving you the desires of your heart… If they never knew that their Dad was proud of them, they will have a hard task giving that affirmation to you since they don’t have that first hand experience to repeat for you… They can’t pass on a blessing that they were never blessed with… My Father told me years ago he was proud of me, I had to sit down and ask him for it though… I got my needs met in that regard… Our relationship got better after that… Coming to this realization will free you… You can now have lower expectations for your parents, they did their best with the limitations they were handed… They made the best lemonade they could… You are free now to have higher expectations for yourself, you can now aspire to new heights they weren’t able to reach… You can be the Father that they weren’t able to be, while at the same time respecting them as your own Father… They did their best, even if it doesn’t seem like much or maybe they gave you a whole lot… but, it wasn’t what you actually needed…  that is OK… You can respect the office and title of Father… No matter who your Dad was… Good, Bad, or Ugly… You can aspire to fill those shoes just fine… It is a high calling, your parents did their best… You can aspire to build on the backs of giants that went before you… They can be your foundation… you can aspire to give your kids more… You can change generational patterns… You can be a change agent for the better…  You want to fix America, this is the cure… ❤️, Jamry

The Perfect Husband

It is the job of a husband to present his wife unto himself perfected, not to expect her to fix herself up on her own. It is his job, not her all alone, to present her to himself the way he wants, he is to help her daily be everything she is meant to be, she is not to draw it up from within herself and her own strength. He is to expend time, energy, and effort into his wife… He is to pour his life into hers… She is not to just wake up looking and acting perfect, it is his job to help her be that… She is to become more physically and emotionally attractive day in and day out, never ending… This is his job, not just her task… His love and care should make her more attractive… His love should make her a flourishing and glowing person… His job… His reward for all of his hard work, is her… When he is disappointed in her, it may not be his fault… but, it is his responsibility… If it is his fault, he should definitely work on it… he needs to know what to do, not her… he is to know how to help her, she is not to know how to fix herself on her own… he should know her better than she knows herself… he is to know everything about her down to the tiniest detail and nuance… Every reaction, every movement, every code language being used to dance around an issue… He is to get a Master’s degree in her… He should study her harder than any textbook… She is the only test he needs to stay up all night studying… His focus is on her… All of his soul, all of his strength, all of his thoughts… Pointed at her… Laser focused on her, never letting go, never glancing away, full frontal attention… It feels good just talking about it… ❤️, Jamry

Third Eye Blind

Rene Descartes discussed thoroughly the “Pineal Gland”, which he regarded as “the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.” His last book was The Passions of the Soul (1649). The Pineal Gland is described by him as “a certain very small gland situated in the middle of the brain’s substance and suspended above the passage through which the spirits in the brain’s anterior cavities communicate with those in its posterior cavities”. Descartes attached significance to the gland because he believed it to be the only section of the brain to exist as a single part rather than one-half of a pair. Your Pineal Gland is real, it is in the center of your brain, and it is shaped like a tiny pine cone. This gland is considered the spiritual center of the body. It has been referred to as the literal “Third Eye” because it actually has light receptors and is principally responsible for your ability to pull up images in the mind. It regulates sleep cycles, is sensitive to light and dark, and produces melatonin. Fluoride and Calcium deposits found in most adults have been shown to actually inhibit and dull the Pineal Gland’s optimal function. People are literally walking around… Third Eye Blind. ❤️, Jamry

American Culture 101

Faith. Family. Flag. Freedom. Firearms. In that order… Americans are deeply loyal people, deeply passionate, deeply industrious, deeply sacrificial, deeply compassionate… For the Five F’s and for complete strangers all the same… Without Faith, none of the rest even matter… and when I say Faith, I am not being vague… I mean Christianity, there is no other Faith… What do you think built America? Money? It was the people who built America. What makes America so great? As Alexis de Tocqueville discovered… it was, We The People. What makes American people so special you might say? Sacrificial behavior. Where on earth did we learn to act like that? Christianity. Behold, the man upon the cross.  ❤️, Jamry

Pennsylvania Avenue

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, it was a magical place. Dillsburg to be precise. A lot of historic romantic charm. Farm fresh food. Small town feel. I grew up on a farm with a pond, very idyllic. We could catch bass and catfish whenever we felt like it. Locust Hill Farm was my home. Small local amusement parks like Williams Grove provided old wooden coasters, swan boats, and fun houses. Its closed down now. Bumble Bee Hollow had a fun mini-golf course. It isn’t there either. We used to go on picnics outside for fun. Ashcombe’s was a local nursery where we could get gifts, flowers, or a slice of pumpkin pie. About 20 miles from the battle of Gettysburg. In the shadow of the sweetest place on earth, Hershey. In the shadow of the state capital, Harrisburg. It was an old log cabin style farm house. It was decorated with George Washington statues, old German mugs, Oriental Rugs, portraits of James K. Polk and Napoleon Bonaparte. Animals everywhere. We would get some great Amish food and desserts from the farmer’s market. The farm was across the street from some of James Logan’s family property. James Logan mentored Ben Franklin. Four seasons. Yellow, Red, Orange autumn leaves. Perfect white powdery Christmas every year. Cicadas in the springtime. Soccer practice. We could pick wild raspberries in my backyard, a vineyard of grapes like you have never tasted, and honeysuckle we could pluck ourselves. My Father was a dentist as his father before him. My Dad’s cousin Pete was also a Doctor who invented one the first franchise EMS systems in the United States. First generation worked in the coal mines, every generation after advanced as far as they could. We would spend every summer in Delaware at our condo at the beach. They had classic funnel cakes, sno-cones, New York style Pizza, Maryland style Crab Shacks… toy shops, book shops. We would ride our bikes into town, perfectly safe. However, not all was well. I grew up in a very sad home. Relational strife abounding. We had plenty of money, but we were low on love. Mom against Dad. Dad against Mom. Fighting. Siblings not knowing what to do. I grew up in a haunted house in many ways. We had money, but it was still hell on earth. I know in life there always seems to be a dichotomy between having money and being happy. Like they are mutually exclusive. Which to some extent is true. More Money, More Problems. A simple life is much less stress. However, I have never been persuaded that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. I don’t buy the lie that money is inherently a curse. The love of money is the curse, not the money itself. Just look at William Penn. Study the Quakers. They had their cake and ate it too. They founded companies left and right, they were humble even at the highest levels of society. They married and had kids. They dressed well but plain, not bourgeoisie. We should all do the same, this is the real origin of American Culture. It has been a battle to get to the place I am in today, but it has been well worth it. I climbed out of the pit of hell. It took me 30 years, I am still standing. ❤️, Jamry

Here Comes The Groom

Did you know that here comes the bride was originally here comes the groom? The only reason they had the bride version is because people use to actually rob the bride in the middle of coming down the aisle since she had an expensive gown and jewelry on… so they brought her out quickly.  It is actually suppose to be here comes the groom, the man is the hero of the story. Research Jewish Wedding customs which the Bible describes. “Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!” The wedding party begins when the bridegroom shows up to claim his bride, not the other way around. He is not standing around waiting in anticipation for her. She is actually waiting around daily in anticipation of her husband showing up to come get her. To rescue her, to sweep her off her feet, to take her away from the pain and welcome her into his world. A whoolllle neeeewww worrllllddd… Plus, for those of you who didn’t know… “Here Comes The Bride” was written by Wagner, who was Hitler’s inspiration for Nazi Germany. Just saying… Food for thought when you walk down the aisle… ❤️, Jamry

Homer Simpson & The Kardashians

If the Kardashian family is the American golden standard for a family these days… Then this country is toast… The Dad was treated like Homer Simpson, so much so that he is now a woman… The Mom runs around like a Matriarchal overlord in everybody’s business, because if she is not happy… she will be damned to see anyone else be! Thats the right thing to do! Misery loves company, doesn’t it. All the girls are left doing is dating rappers/ballers that they control and manipulate to near death, all of this probably because they miss their real Dad… All I am left thinking is… What on earth would this family have been like if Robert Kardashian never died… It is obvious that in the wake of his death, the stepdad is unable of have any authority in the house, and the ship has run off course… Robert after the divorce tried to date and marry other women… Which supposedly Kris and the girls were instrumental in thwarting… Understandably, to some extent… They want their Dad… Who wouldn’t? I don’t know what all happened before the divorce to begin with. What I do know… is that this is no golden standard. This is hell on earth. It takes a strong man to put a family like that back in order. Home is just a breeding ground for Dad hatred at this point… If we can’t get back to honoring Dad… The whole house goes to trash… Men lead the family… Men are the hero… Men need to be loved in this way, women and children are the beneficiaries… Father needs put on a pedestal… Husband needs to be his primary role… DAD IS EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IS DEFINED BY HIM, EVERYTHING IS REFERENCED BY WHAT HE THINKS, DAD IS THE OWNER… If you can’t do that, just keep watching the Kardashians… Good luck with that! Enjoy yourselves… My advice to men stuck in that family, like they say on Shark Tank… “I’m out”… The golden standard for a woman is not Psycho Witch Barbie, Kim Kardashian… The golden standard for a man is not transgender Homer Simpson… The golden standard is me, James Rydesky… The golden standard is my wife, Muriel Rydesky… We are the new Ken and Barbie, not Barbie and Ken… Call me The Godfather, come and learn something… You all look like a bunch of clowns in a bad circus…  ❤️, Jamry